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Environmental Impacts

Environmental Impacts

The legalization of adult-use marijuana in California evidently brings a high demand for cannabis products, which inevitably has an impact on the environment, much like any other field of agriculture. The California Department of Food and Agriculture has prepared a Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) so it can track the potential environmental effects of cultivating marijuana for the purpose of commercial distribution.  The overall goal of the report is to ensure that cannabis activities are performed in the safest ways to protect the environment and the health and safety of the general public as well as the safety of cultivation workers. The program also aims to prevent negative impacts on wildlife and other natural resources.

The beginning of the cannabis production chain starts with cultivation. Cannabis cultivation can be generally divided into three categories – outdoor, indoor, and mixed-light cultivation techniques. In order to obtain certain licenses, such as a cultivation license, cultivators must meet minimum requirements for these operations which are established by the PEIR. Cultivators must be aware of all regulatory processes involved with getting licensed in California. Our team at WeCann have experience in all aspects of the cannabis industry and can assist in all parts of the legal procedures.


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