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California Dispensaries

California Dispensaries

Dispensaries often serve as the face of the cannabis industry. It’s where consumers can go to purchase cannabis products. The commercial distribution of cannabis is still very new and rules and regulations are changing constantly, but the explosive growth demonstrated by this industry also opens up a world of business opportunities. The cannabis industry is estimated to grow to a $22.6-billion market by 2021 and continue to expand at a rapid rate. California is expected to be the state with the biggest market for it.

 Even though the cannabis industry is booming, opening a dispensary can present many challenges. One of the main obstacles is finding the right type of real estate property. Retailers who conduct commercial cannabis activities must have a licensed physical location where product is distributed. Searching for the right location for a cannabis business is a complex journey. Our diverse team of consultants provide support through all aspects of the licensing process, permits, zoning regulations, and creating a real estate strategy.


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