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Green Zones – Opening a Cannabis Business Property in California

Green zones are areas where cannabusinesses are legally allowed to operate.

Green zones denote where it is legally clear to operate in the city, and are typically in line with any state regulations regarding cannabis.

The cannabis industry is exploding and economists are anticipating that the legal cannabis industry will become a $20 billion industry by 2020. This is a direct result of local green zones popping up across the country in the 29 states which have legalized medicinal and/or recreational cannabis.

In California specifically, state-issued permits are tied directly to cannabusinesses having first received local occupancy permits. Once these green zones are established, however, prices on cannabis real estate increase dramatically as a result of a fundamental economic concept: supply vs. demand. Resultantly, WeCann is dedicated to researching upcoming green zones across Southern California while tracking any potential changes to existing cannabis ordinances.

Our research assistants are constantly and proactively tracking and databasing information we glean from our research efforts, which include: direct conversations with city officials and/or insiders, online research, confirmation of rumors from within the cannabis industry, and legal advisement from our network of cannabis attorneys. The information we database is tantamount to getting our clients ahead of the game in an effort to secure our clients’ real estate requirements at the lowest possible price by getting into future green zones before they are finalized or made public.

By becoming one of WeCann’s preferred clients, your cannabis related business will have first-class access to our databasing efforts and will potentially save millions in real estate acquisition costs. Depending on our clients’ needs, we will employ our resources into existing green zones in order to get a client’s cannabusiness up and operational as quickly as possible.

Whatever strategy you wish to employ, WeCann does it. Let’s work.

Green zones are areas where cannabusinesses are legally allowed to operate. (see map below)

Please feel free to scroll through the map below to view the green zone areas marked with pins.


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