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LA City Urgent Updates

by Roger Tower on December 6, 2018
LA City Urgent Updates

LA City Urgent Updates.


  • EMMD relocation requests can be submitted to the Department of Cannabis Regulation. If it is submitted after Nov. 30 the impacted council must approve.
  • The City Council is working on a plan to shut off power for any unlicensed cannabis businesses.
  • “Phase 2 Priority Processing” applicants were sent non-operational local authorization letters to allow them to apply for state temporary/provisional licenses.  However, these do not allow them to operate.
  • DCR expects to accept annual license apps from Phase 1 applicants in Jan. 2019- they go over the process for this and say they will give the applicants further directions.
  • Phase 2- annual license apps expected in Spring 2019.  It will be a similar process.
    • They will be notifying phase 2 if they met preliminary eligibility requirements soon. These will not be all at once. Applicants should not assume anything if other applicants get their notices sooner- it just means DCR hasn’t finished reviewing theirs yet.
    • DCR will notify applicants of inspection dates based on readiness- they sent out a survey to find this out. Applicants need to return this survey.
    • Tier 1 Applicants can apply for the Social Equity Program Tier 1 Fee Deferral Program
      • Does not indicate eligibility- just that they meet social equity.
  • Phase 3 will be started by accepting Tier 1/Tier 2 social equity verifications.
    • This is expected in Spring 2019.
    • After verifying eligibility the t1/t2 applicants will identify location and submit application docs.
    • After they verify they have enough Tier 1 and tier 2 applicants to meet application ratios (must be 1:1 social equity vs not s.e.) they will begin accepting  non s.e. applications. They will provide more information later.