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Image describing Cannabis 2021 Year End CA Municipality Updates

Cannabis 2021 Year-End CA Municipality Updates

As we begin a new year, support for federal cannabis legalization is at an all-time high. California states are putting together application documents, regulations, and town council meetings, among ot [more]
by Ann Maria
Dec 30, 2021
Commercial Real Estate award winners for Q3 Costar Power Brokers showing list of winners

Q3 Power Brokers Nationwide… Yes WeCann!

Commercial real estate within the cannabis industry is really starting to take hold of the overall market, and WeCann is leading at the forefront. Commercial real estate’s elite recognize our age [more]
by Ann Maria
Nov 02, 2021

California Governor Appoints WeCann Co-Founder To OC F...

On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom of California appointed WeCann co-founder Melahat Rafiei to the 32nd District Agricultural Association (Orange County Fair Board). This win comes [more]
by Ann Maria
Sep 24, 2021
Growing cannabis at home

California Home Grower Laws and Regulations

The first step in growing your own cannabis at home is knowing what the laws are. By knowing the laws you can protect yourself from unnecessary problems. Here we will outline what is currently legal i [more]
by Kerri Coar
Apr 27, 2021

Working in Cannabis Real Estate: An Interview with Lan...

Here at WeCann, we pride ourselves on having some of the best people in the business. Our own Lani Flores recently executed a lease on a property with incredible speed. So what does it take to work in [more]
by Anna Dunn
Apr 09, 2021

New York Reaches Recreational Marijuana Deal

In a big win for the cannabis industry, New York is on the precipice of legalizing recreational marijuana. State lawmakers have reached a deal that they will finalize next week. This bill comes after [more]
by Anna Dunn
Mar 26, 2021
white house

Biden Administration Sidelines Staffers for Past Canna...

Last Thursday, many white house staffers under the Biden administration revealed that they were asked to resign or placed on a remote work program due to their past Marijuana use. For many, the news c [more]
by Anna Dunn
Mar 22, 2021

5 States Pushing For Cannabis Legalization in 2021

As the recreational cannabis industry booms in legal states, other state legislatures have noticed. The 2020 election saw support for many marijuana legalization measures, and the road towards full le [more]
by Anna Dunn
Mar 18, 2021
mexico flag

Mexico legalizes Marijuana

Mexico legalizes Marijuana. With a population greater than 128 million people making up around 1.65% of the entire world population the legalization of recreational marijuana in Mexico puts it in a po [more]
by Kerri Coar
Mar 18, 2021

Election Result Updates, brought to you by WeCann!

Like many of you, we are busy keeping up with the current legislation around the cannabis industry as counties, cities, and states release their results. So far this is the most up-to-date information [more]
by Gabe
Nov 05, 2020