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Your best partner to find compliant real estate and license it for cannabis use!

Real Estate Procurement

WeCann’s real estate procurement services are distinct because no other real estate brokerage company has worked on as many business and real estate entitlement projects as we have. These are also referred to as business licensing projects.

Our real estate procurement service’s primary goal is to find real estate for our customers that are eligible for cannabis business licensing. Because entitlement services are such an important part of our day-to-day operations, we need to know not only which local governments allow cannabis business licensing currently, but also which municipalities are planning on opening licensing in the next 6 to 12 months.

In addition to that our team also needs to know which types of licenses are allowed in the municipalities, and what are the requirements and restrictions to apply. To ensure we have this information at our fingertips, we have full-time staff devoted to staying on top of tracking the local and state regulations.

More About Real Estate Procurement

Our President and Broker on Record, Meilad Rafiei works with Jason Piazza, our Director of Real Estate, to determine which local municipalities we should begin farming for commercial properties that qualify for the licensing process.

Once we’ve determined which municipalities we’ll be targeting, we have our mapping team create our own ARC GIS maps, complete with buffer zones.

Once that is completed, our data-basing team will attain contact information for the landlords of every single property that qualifies.

Once the database is populated with the landlords’ contact information, our real estate agents will start cold calling the database, sending mailers, and even knocking on landlords’ doors to see if they are interested in leasing or selling their property to our client.
The information about the property will be provided to our real estate procurement client(s) first. Only these our clients will have access to the information for at least one week, giving them first access to secure the property with limited to no competition.

A lead agent from our team will be assigned to each file to guarantee the best service possible, but all our agents are motivated to find you a property as soon as possible, and Meilad personally oversees and manages all our real estate procurement clients.

In our real estate procurement contracts, we will specify the geographic areas the client wants us to concentrate on, the general size of the property they prefer, as well as the sorts of licenses they want us to ensure the property qualifies for. We’ll keep the client informed when other municipalities are opening up that meet their specifications, and we’ll begin farming for properties from there as well.

Representing Property or Business Owners

WeCann represent real estate owners interested in selling or leasing out their properties eligible for cannabis company licensure.

As part of our real estate procurement services, where a customer pays us to go out and look for properties that qualify in various municipalities to be eligible for particular types of licenses, we frequently come into contact with these property owners.

Contacting these landlords is thus a component of those services. And occasionally, even if landlords are intrigued and our initial real estate procurement clients are shown it, they aren’t interested enough to take it down. We then suggest to the property owner to list it with us, instead.

We also make a strong presentation for our marketing services and our capacity to find them a quality renter. People are increasingly approaching us directly and claiming to have qualifying property, in which case we will list their company or real estate.

More About Property or Business Owner Representation

With Meilad Rafiei, President of WeCann, and Jason Piazza’s (Director of Real Estate) collective commercial real estate experience, WeCann have had exposure to a variety of situations and are quite skilled at creating leases. We are also quite knowledgeable and experienced, and we have a ton of precedents under our team’s belt, putting together complex cannabis business leases internally.

Of course, we also work on a lot of non-operational licenses that need to be sold with some level of approval, or we may even include them in a business plan that is given to a client who hires us for more general consulting so they can purchase a piece of property, get a license for it, receive a preliminary approval, and then sell it.

Representing Buyers and Tenants

Cannabis real estate is a complex business with several industry-specific words, legal nuances, and marketing complexities, making it tough for an outsider to know where to start. If you use WeCann as your tenant representation broker, you will have the highest chance of finding the ideal space with favorable lease conditions.

It can be difficult to browse internet listings if the material is old or missing. WeCann has several resources to help you resolve these challenges and determine your best course of action.

We have access to the most reliable listing databases for this sector as cannabis real estate agents. As a result of their professional relationships with other brokers, tenant representatives can readily obtain up-to-date information about available properties. As tenant representatives, we are also aware of options that are not now available but will be shortly.

More About Buyers and Tenants Representation

Before commencing the selection process, it is crucial to examine your needs. WeCann will ask you the essential questions to analyze and determine your precise demands, and will provide important insight regarding your space requirements and the amenities that would be most beneficial to your business.

WeCann also identifies requirements that cannabis entrepreneurs can be unaware of, ensuring that a property is a perfect fit for the client.

Your primary attention must be on operating your cannabis business. A tenant representation broker relieves you of the burden of the real estate transaction. Working with WeCann will allow you to spend more time focused on your business.

Business and Real Estate Entitlement (Licensing)

Our approach to obtaining a cannabis license in California is comprehensive and in-depth. No stone is left unturned by our staff. Our cannabis sector expertise, broad statewide political network, and regulatory understanding are all used in this part of our business strategy. President Meilad Rafiei draws on his experience operating a large construction firm to identify and acquire the partnerships required for licensing.

Our licensing team takes a comprehensive strategy, addressing all barriers to licensure in a single step. WeCann has acquired multiple green zone licenses for our customers this year by going above and beyond our submitted application packages, with a success record among the best in the industry.

Business entitlement is the procedure through which we help apply for cannabis business licenses on a local level, as well as on a state level. It is a significant element of what WeCann does for their clients. The majority of the time, we handle the entire process for the client, or we’re a project manager who completes all the application materials that need to be compiled.

More About Business Entitlement / Licensing

We collect all the information from the client and strategize with them to help form whatever they require, whether it’s a corporation or an entity, and also, we help fill out their roster for the application, which is a significant component.

We compose their business strategies and perform all technical writing with the exception of security plans. And while we do not finalize the floor designs, the architects and engineers do, we do oversee their projects. We also recommend and refer qualified professionals in these sectors for the projects. We oversee their project management and quality assurance.

We are the point of contact for the city and state, and we are responsible for submitting all application materials and answering any queries regarding the facility or its owners until they receive final approval. Subsequently, businesses will get a business license, a certificate of occupancy, and a special use permit for cannabis from their city or county, while obtaining state licenses from the California Department of Cannabis Control.

In cases where there’ll be raw land that needs to be rezoned or even other properties that need to go through a zoning change, we’ve successfully been conducting the business entitlement. This will be similar to a real estate entitlement process involving paperwork and administrative duties.

WeCann help you through every phase of the growth process

WeCann provides a comprehensive range of services, including real estate purchase and disposition, licensing fulfillment, public advocacy, compliance monitoring, and business/investment consultation.

Learn more about our application successes in this quick video and reach out to our team for support on cannabis real estate and licensing applications.

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