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Full Service Cannabis Consulting Firm

WeCann offers a full suite of services, built to solve all the major hurdles of the cannabis licensure under one roof. Between real estate acquisition and disposition, licensing fulfillment, business and investment consulting, and public advocacy, WeCann is the perfect one-stop shop for cannabis entrepreneurs. Check out our services below.

Real Estate

We find that real estate is the most crucial point in a successful licensing venture, as the prerequisite for state and municipal licenses. With 20+ years of commercial real estate experience, Director of Real Estate Jason Piazza is a committed expert at sourcing commercial real estate and negotiating any asset type or deal structure whether industrial, medical, retail or land acquisition. While there are plenty of “green zone” properties, the high-demand, low-supply nature of the cannabis industry requires grit, connections, and know-how. With a team-based model, we scour fitting properties, perform analytical research and secure deals for our clients. For more on our real estate process, visit the Real Estate page.


Our approach to cannabis license fulfillment in California is exhaustive and in depth. Our team leaves no stone unturned. This phase of our business model involves our cannabis industry experience, extensive statewide political network and regulatory knowledge. President Meilad Rafiei utilizes his background and exposure in leading a national construction company to source and secure relationships needed for licensure. Our licensing team’s approach is holistic, dealing with any and all hurdles to licensure in one process. In going above and beyond our submitted application packages, WeCann has secured several green zone licenses for our clients this year with a success rate among the best in the industry.

Business and Investment Consulting

Many of our clients request some form of consultation whether regarding business operations, licensing strategies, real estate strategies or application review. We approach consultation intentionally, incorporating our diverse experience as a cannabis licensing firm. Our founding partners have successfully owned and operated a profitable and permitted cannabis dispensary, which was sold for a hefty profit. More importantly, we have provided analytical business support for various cannabusiness clients and often leverage our vast network of industry professionals for operational purposes. Our experience in cannabusiness operations — both internally and via clients — forms a robust resource base for consultation.

Public Advocacy

The public advocacy end of WeCann is an integral part of our structure. With 15 years of creating and fostering deep political connections locally and statewide, Director of Real Estate Melahat Rafiei is a well-known and highly respected cannabis lobbyist and leads the charge on our public advocacy. Cities often seek consultation from Melahat and her team for considering and drafting cannabis ordinances, With these statewide political relationships, we advocate within cities for the advancement of the cannabis industry.

A La Carte

Our services are available A La Carte or as a package. We can also be hired individually or as a team. If your business is seeking analytical advice on a cannabis or real estate investment, WeCann provides it. If you need to negotiate or draw and execute real estate documents, WeCann provides that. If you simply want advice on which path to take, WeCann offers that.

We look forward to discussing your cannabusiness needs and how we can support you to success in the cannabis industry with our experience, knowledge, and skillset. Trust us, WeCann helps you succeed.


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