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WeCann takes the cannabis industry to new heights.

WeCann is a full-service cannabis consulting firm committed to resourcing, supporting and advancing the cannabis industry in California. Our solution to the burgeoning and complex cannabis industry is to solve all its major hurdles regarding licensure under one roof. Our expertise in commercial real estate, cannabis licensing and operations, and statewide and local politics combine for the perfect one-stop shop for cannabis entrepreneurs.

We offer a full suite of services, including real estate acquisition and disposition, licensing fulfillment, business and investment consulting, and public advocacy. Whether for analytical advice, operation consultation, political advocacy services or more, our experience and work can be of invaluable support. And as proven by our approval ratings, WeCann succeed.

Whether you are considering venturing into this industry for the first time or are an experienced cannabusiness operator, WeCann streamlines your growth at every step. Feel free to let us know how we can serve you!



Meilad Rafiei


As WeCann President, Meilad Rafiei provides strategic direction, diverse perspectives, and positive leadership. His extensive and profoundly successful background in real estate, sales and construction inform his work in the cannabis industry. He is committed to bringing legitimacy to the industry, resource accurate cannabis business information, and offer support through licensing processes and compliance management. Read more.

Melahat Rafiei
Director of Government Relations


Melahat Rafiei does her job as WeCann’s Director of Government Relations with an informed, tenacious and collaborative approach. Her dynamic life and political experience, hard-earned success in public outreach, fund-development and issue-based advocacy, and deep political network bring a strong edge to her cannabis-related advocacy. She has been recognized by the California Democratic Party, California State Assembly, and US House of Representatives, among others, and currently works as Principal at Progressive Solutions Consulting, a premier political consulting and fundraising firm based in Long Beach, California. Read more.

Jason Piazza
Director of Real Estate


Jason Piazza serves as WeCann’s Director of Real Estate, where he utilizes his diverse and consistently successful career in commercial real estate to structure deals for cannabusiness clients. Having previously represented clients in a number of industries as Vice President of Barbazza Commercial Real Estate, Jason wields a creativity and skill set necessary for the often complex world of cannabusiness real estate. With WeCann, he has championed a number of licenses for cannabusiness clients, located 20+ off-market opportunities for green zone clients and secured several real estate clients. Read more.


We believe the cannabis industry in California has more potential than any emerging industry.

We believe cannabis is a strong commodity on an American trade board, and cannabis being a fully legal and accepted part of our society is a good and inevitable conclusion.

We believe the true medicinal and environmental benefits which exist in cannabis and hemp, and we understand the social and metaphysical benefits which cannabis and hemp provide individuals.

We believe in advocating for acceptance, flourishing and support of the cannabis industry.


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