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Our Services for Cannabis Businesses

WeCann is elevating the cannabis industry to unprecedented heights.

We provide a comprehensive set of services designed to address all of the primary challenges associated with cannabis business licensing. WeCann is uniquely positioned to be the ideal one-stop shop for cannabis entrepreneurs, offering a variety of consulting services such as:

WeCann help you through every phase of the growth process

WeCann provides a comprehensive range of services, including real estate purchase and disposition, licensing fulfillment, public advocacy, compliance monitoring, and business/investment consultation.

Learn more about our application successes in this quick video and reach out to our team for support on cannabis real estate and licensing applications.

A Tracked Record of Expertise In:

Real Estate

  • Real estate procurement
  • Real estate and business brokerage representing buyers, tenants, business owners, and property owners, including mergers and acquisitions
  • Broker price opinion (BPO)

Business and real estate entitlement (licensing), including:

Project Management of all required tasks and third-party vendors for

  • Completing application materials
  • Technical writing
  • Strategizing and executing community benefit plans
  • Overall strategic guidance on each aspect of what is required to be submitted
  • Prep client for presentations and/or municipality interviews
  • Become the point of contact with both the local municipality and the state
  • General business and investment counseling
  • Public advocacy
Our founding team consists of seasoned individuals with extensive experience in commercial real estate, cannabis company licensing, cannabusiness operations, and California state and municipal politics in Southern California. With this combined expertise in tow, our agency is the ideal one-stop shop for cannabis entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their operations in a successful and upward direction.
Meilad Rafiei

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