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Applying and Writing a Winning Application

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Meet the Collaborating Minds Behind this Educational Guide

Specializes in winning licenses in competitive markets and proud to have an 87% application success rate in over 191 applications.

The all-in-one cannabis software helping thousands of businesses streamline people management, payroll, and time tracking.

A secure cloud-based software for cannabis operators to manage and simplify licensing, compliance management, and operational control.

About WeCann's Cannabis Licensing Services

Expert Application Project Management

We will project manage and quality control all other third party vendors that are needed to complete application materials. Our Senior Project Manager will be your point of contact to the local and state municipality, and will be there every step of the way until you are fully licensed.

Pricing differs, depending on the municipality you apply in, but approximately 60% of the overall fee will be based on your success of attaining all necessary licensing.

Meilad Rafiei, CEO, WeCann and Canna Resource Corporation, leads the application team at WeCann and utilizes his vast experiences from leading a national construction company, brokering over $200 million in real estate and M&A transactions, as well as winning and operating his own cannabis retail storefront license, to routinely put together winning packages for our Clients.

WeCann Cannabis Licensing and Real Estate Track Record

View our combined success as a cannabis licensing, real estate and cannabis business consulting firm!

The licensing team’s approach is holistic, dealing with any and all hurdles to licensure in one process. In going above and beyond submitted application packages, WeCann continues to successfully secure green zone licenses in emerging markets for clients, with a success rate among the best in the industry.

Recent WeCann Cannabis License Application Videos

Learn more from Meilad Rafiei about how our recent consulting support for cannabis application projects led to client success.