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Jason Piazza

Jason Piazza’s experience in real estate is replete with diversity, growth and proven success, making his work as the director of real estate essential in WeCann’s success.

After graduating from UCLA, Jason jumped headfirst into what would be a long, fruitful career in real estate. He began in property management and residential mortgage. In 2007, he transitioned to commercial real estate (CRE). He represented the smallest available clients, where he learned CRE quickly and developed a business model entirely based in repeat customers and referrals. And it succeeded — overwhelmingly. His client base grew, with deals from under 2,000 square feet to 50,000 square feet — all with zero marketing, just repeat and referral clientele.

Jason has since played many roles in CRE, including the property manager, senior loan officer, mortgage branch president and currently vice president at Barbazza Commercial Real Estate (BCRE), which he co-founded with his mother. Together, BCRE has a near 70 years of real estate experience and Jason has added an unparalleled amount of diverse representation. In his 10 years at BCRE, Jason has performed tenant representation work for industrial, retail, office and medical space users in industries including cannabis, chiropractors, attorneys, insurance, rehabilitation, boutiques, restaurants and many more.

As an avid cannabis advocate, Jason and BCRE found themselves connected with several qualified cannabusiness clients looking for legitimate CRE deals in Southern California. Partnering with Melahat and Meilad, WeCann was born.

In years past, BCRE and Jason’s approach was largely generalist — allowing him to work across a range of sectors. This diverse experience informed the creativity and skills necessary for structuring deals in cannabusiness viable properties. His experience in negotiating varying asset classes culminated well in the intricate nature of cannabis real estate, which draws on similar asset types with deal structure and negotiations. With Jason’s real estate expertise, WeCann has secured a number of licenses for cannabusiness clients, located 20+ off-market opportunities for green zone clients, secured several real estate clients, and is poised for an even faster growth.

When he is not working, he loves spending time with his family, acting, playing soccer and more.