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Provisional Cannabis Licenses

by Roger Tower on May 15, 2019
Provisional Cannabis Licenses

The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) are working to prevent gaps in cannabis licensure. The three licensing agencies intend to issue provisional licenses for businesses who are in the process of applying for an annual license before temporary licenses expire.

Temporary cannabis business licenses were issued until December 31st, 2018 by the three licensing authorities in California for businesses to be able to operate while waiting for their applications to be processed. These temporary licenses are valid for 120 days with a possible 90-day extension. As temporary licenses are due to expire soon, cannabis businesses run a risk of not being able run for the period of time it would take for their state license application to be approved.

In order to prevents gaps in the licensing process the three licensing authorities are tracking the expiration dates of temporary licenses and intend to provide provisional licenses before these expire. Provisional licenses will be issued for the same location and type of cannabis business as the current temporary license and to applicants who have already submitted a completed annual application to their corresponding licensing agency.

Annual applications are still expected to be completed even after being issued a provisional license. A provisional license would prevent any gaps in operations while filing for an annual license or waiting for it to be approved or denied. Having an application submitted thoroughly with all required paperwork will certainly avoid any delays in licensing. For assistance with filing a cannabis license application schedule a consultation with WeCann. Our team is committed to the cannabis community and are experts on cannabis legislation.