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Commercial Cannabis Friendly Cities in California

by Roger Tower on April 27, 2020
Commercial Cannabis Friendly Cities in California

The commercial cannabis industry in California can be a lucrative one, but getting your foot in the door isn’t a walk in the park. As with any newly regulated industry, things change from one day to the next, but one thing is certain, marijuana real estate is hard to come by. 

Finding 420 properties in California is probably one of the biggest challenges for anyone venturing into the commercial cannabis industry and possibly the most fundamental part of the licensing process. It takes extensive research and scouring thousands of locations to find a property where cannabis businesses can operate legally. 

Whether you’re new to the game or have some experience in the cannabis industry already, property hunting can be a real challenge, so most cannabis business owners choose to go through a real estate service that specializes in marijuana real estate due to the high demand, low supply nature of 420 properties in California.  

At WeCann, we do all of the hard work for you. Our team of licensed commercial real estate agents has already taken the time to scour through hundreds of available properties. We specialize in the lease and sale of commercial cannabis real estate in California. Contact us at bottom of article for support!

Green Zones

Green zones are designated areas where cannabis businesses can legally operate. These cannabis friendly zones in California are set by each city or county which means zoning laws vary by location and each cannabis license type has different regulations. 

Before venturing into the commercial cannabis world, it’s important to know which cities and counties allow commercial cannabis activity in their jurisdiction. Some cities or counties have banned commercial cannabis activity entirely, but the ones that do allow it have some common requirements. Here is some general zoning information: 

  • Licensed cannabis retail storefronts must be located usually at least outside a 600-foot radius of a school, public park, public library, daycare center, alcohol or drug abuse recovery center, and any other licensed storefront retailer. 
  • A licensed non-storefront retailer, distributor, cultivator, non-volatile manufacturer, or testing lab must be outside of a 600-foot radius of any school.
  • A volatile manufacturer must be outside of a 600-foot radius of any school and a 200-foot radius of any residentially zoned property.

Local jurisdiction may impose different restrictions and zoning requirements so licensees must check with the city where they plan on doing business. 

420 Friendly Cities in California 

Since California has always been a pioneer when it comes to the green movement, a lot of people think that it’s all fair game. Well, no so much so. It’s only been two years since commercial cannabis began to be regulated and since then, only several cities allow commercial cannabis activity within their jurisdiction. 

About two-thirds of California municipalities actually prohibit any kind of cannabis activity and the ones that do allow cannabis businesses in their area regulate what kind of commercial cannabis activity they allow. Some only allow testing labs, while others only allow cannabis cultivators within their jurisdiction. 

Here are some of the most cannabis-friendly areas in California: 

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is at the top of our list. The city of angels is crawling with opportunities, but also tons of competition for cannabis businesses. Los Angeles allows all types of commercial cannabis activity. Retailers, delivery services, and microbusinesses are all allowed. 

Los Angeles Commercial Cannabis License Types:

  • Retail 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Distribution 
  • Testing 
  • Cultivation 

Santa Ana 

Santa Ana ranks high on our list, however, they’re currently not accepting cannabis retail licenses. They are now accepting applications for non-retail commercial cannabis businesses, cultivation, distribution, manufacturing, and testing licenses.

Santa Ana Commercial Cannabis License Types: 

  • Retail 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Distribution 
  • Testing 
  • Cultivation 

Here’s a map for marijuana-friendly zones in Santa Ana

Long Beach 

Long Beach is located in Southern California. Home to over 467,000 people offering coastal views and waterfront attractions. It is the sixth largest city in California. 

Long Beach Commercial Cannabis License Types: 

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing 
  • Distribution 
  • Testing 
  • Cultivation 
  • Microbusiness

You can find a map of green zones in long beach here

These cities allow all kinds of commercial cannabis activity within their jurisdiction, but each city has different zoning restrictions. Because green zones are regulated by location, it can be challenging to find available cannabis properties for sale or rent. 

Where some see challenges, we see opportunities. At WeCann, we are consultants for cannabis businesses in California who help find marijuana real estate in green zones that are operational and fully licensed. If you’re searching for commercial cannabis real estate in California, check out our listings page.

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