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LA Social Equity – Applicant Support & Grant Funding Available for Retail Storefronts

by Roger Tower on February 8, 2023
LA Social Equity – Applicant Support & Grant Funding Available for Retail Storefronts

Congratulations to those who have received notifications of SEIA eligibility. WeCann Help!

After nine months of planning and verification processes, of the more than 1,000 individuals who requested verification and over 500 SEIAs who met the criteria to participate, the individuals have now been selected.

On December 8, 2022, the Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) successfully conducted the retail application lottery, also known as the Phase 3 Retail Round 2 Lottery (Lottery).

The process selected 100 verified Social Equity Individual Applicants (SEIAs) for the opportunity to apply for a cannabis retail license in the City of Los Angeles. Learn more about the lottery here.

WeCann Help Find Property & Cannabis Consultants for Social Equity Individuals

Now that the LA Social Equity approvals for retail storefront have been administered, it is time to find a property that is zoned correctly and time to onboard consultants to build the business.

There is also access to a $50,000 grant that WeCann help social equity individuals attain to grow their business and waive certain application fees for the selected SEIAs. A special congratulations to the following individuals who were selected in the Phase 3 Retail Round 2 Lottery.

View the full list of all 1,139 unique individual requesters on the DCR website.

LA Social Equity Individual Applicant (“SEIA”) Selections

Applicants can determine their status with the verified individual’s first initial, full last name, and the last two digits of their individual user account on the DCR Licensing Portal (ACA). The following is a snapshot of the selected applicants from 2/8/23.

Los Angeles Social Equity Applicant Support

Contact us to get full support on your business to complete the process and become an operational storefront in Los Angeles or to reach out and find social equity applicants in our network for your application.

We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions on social equity programs.

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