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Laguna Woods, CA Cannabis License Applications – Open on Sept 15th!

by Roger Tower on August 8, 2023
Laguna Woods, CA Cannabis License Applications – Open on Sept 15th!

Update 8/8/23: Potential start date of September 15th, no license caps, and first come, first serve.

The city of Laguna Woods is set to become the newest city in Orange County to open up for cannabis retail applications. The city is scheduled to hold the second reading of its cannabis ordinance on August 16th, and if successful, the ordinance will go into effect 30 days later on September 15th.

Unlike other local markets in the county, Laguna Woods will have no cap on retail licenses and will award them on a First Come First Serve basis rather than through a competitive merit based process. Real estate will be required, and there will be fierce competition to secure limited compliant real estate because there is a setback requirement between retailers. Read more in this article about the potential licensing opportunity.

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About Laguna Woods, CA Demographics

Laguna Woods, California, home to approximately 16,000 residents, stands out for its distinctive demographic characteristics. Over 90% of the population consists of individuals aged 65 and older, making it a prominent hub for senior living. The city’s numerous retirement communities offer an array of amenities and services catering to the needs of this age group. The demographic makeup showcases a blend of ethnic backgrounds, with a notable presence of Asian and Hispanic communities, fostering a rich cultural tapestry. This demographic composition has led to the development of a strong sense of community among its residents, with various clubs, organizations, and events designed to enhance the social fabric of Laguna Woods.

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Cannabis Regulations Analysis – Laguna Woods, CA

Application Dates: Open ended, tentatively set to begin September 15th

Application Type: First Come, First Serve

License Cap: NONE

Zoning: The site is designated “Commercial” (C) in the Laguna Woods General Plan; (2) The site is zoned as “Community Commercial” (CC) or “Professional and Administrative Office” (PA) in this Code. The size and boundary lines of the parcel(s) on which the site is located have not been modified within the prior year (365 calendar days).

Tax Rate: Storefront Retail: Higher of 10% of gross receipts received or generated for each monthly reporting period, or (b) $35 per square foot of floor area (annual tax rate) prorated monthly to one-twelfth of the annual tax rate amount

There are some specials requirements for applicants in the city to consider:

  • Business must be 51% owned by a single person
  • Requires a notarized statement from an authorized representative on behalf of the property owner of record for the parcel(s) where such business is to be carried on acknowledging (i) the nature and type of business to be conducted
  • At least half (50 percent) of the owners of the business (rounded up to the nearest whole person) must own or have owned all or part of a business licensed by the State of California as a cannabis storefront retailer for a period of no less than two years (730 calendar days)

Laguna Woods, CA Cannabis Application Support

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Cannabis application window potential start date: September 15, 2023

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1 thoughts on “Laguna Woods, CA Cannabis License Applications – Open on Sept 15th!

  • Evergreen
    on March 12, 2024

    This article provides valuable information about the upcoming cannabis licensing opportunities in Laguna Woods, CA, offering a clear overview of the application process and requirements. The decision to adopt a first-come, first-serve approach without license caps presents an exciting opportunity for prospective business owners interested in entering the cannabis market. Additionally, the detailed analysis of zoning regulations and tax rates ensures that applicants are well-prepared to navigate the licensing process successfully. With its accessible language and informative content, this article empowers individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations in the cannabis industry while contributing to the economic growth of the Laguna Woods community.

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