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The National Cannabis Industry Association –

The National Cannabis Industry Association promotes the growth and success of the legal cannabis industry. The NCIA is made up of thousands of cannabis businesses that advocate for responsible business practices and protect the rights of the growing cannabis business sector.

The Long Beach Collective Association –

The Long Beach Collective Association’s mission is to provide safe and legal cannabis access for their residents. Comprised of thousands of cannabis businesses in Long Beach, consisting of dispensaries, testing labs, cultivation, manufacturing and distribution, they work closely with the city and provide assistance for navigating through the industry.

Americans For Safe Access –

Americans For Safe Access (ASA) ensures safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research. Founded in 2002, they have advocated for cannabis as a form of medicine all over the United States and have created policies that promote access to medical cannabis for patients and researchers.

Marijuana Policy Project –

The Marijuana Policy Project has been a strong force in legalizing marijuana in several states. Here you can find information on marijuana policies, issues, and stay up to date with current marijuana laws across the nation.


NORML is a non-profit, public advocacy group favoring the decriminalization of marijuana and supporting the responsible use of cannabis. Here you can find cannabis news, become familiar with state laws, learn about cannabis legislation and donate to support the cause.

Women & Minorities in the Marijuana Industry – Marijuana Business Daily –

The Women & Minorities in The Marijuana Industry is a report published by Marijuana Business Daily that depicts the representation of women and minorities in the marijuana industry whether as executive or owners/founders of marijuana businesses.

Bureau of Cannabis Control –

The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) is one of the licensing agencies in California that regulate commercial cannabis licenses. Here you can apply for a retailer, distributor, testing lab, or microbusiness license and also search for cannabis licenses in California.

California Cannabis Portal –

The California Cannabis Portal provides licensing information, laws and regulations from the three cannabis licensing authorities, consumer tools, and various cannabis resources for stakeholders, licensees, and the general public.

The Cannabis Industry –

Long Beach Collective Association –

Department of Cannabis Control (DCC):

Kayapush Payroll, HR, Scheduling, Time Tracking –

Kayapush is designed to help entrepreneurs grow and scale their cannabis retail stores by simplifying HR, Payroll and employee management with their easy all in one solution. Kayapush provides small retailers an easy way to stay compliant, while saving countless hours on people management. Built from the ground up to provide seamless management across locations, ensuring consistency, compliance, and efficiency.

The solution integrates with leading POS providers to help operators understand labor efficiency, and core employee KPIs. KayaPush helps Cannabis retailers grow.

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