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San Diego’s New Social Equity Program for Cannabis Applicants

by Roger Tower on November 7, 2022
San Diego’s New Social Equity Program for Cannabis Applicants

Socially Equitable Cannabis Program in San Diego Has Been Approved!

City council voted to approve a long awaited social equity program on 10/11/2022 after discussing a final social equity assessment report.  Here are the details of the program and also more info on redistricting and how that may create more availability cannabis license applications.

San Diego Social Equity Qualifications:

  • Being convicted of a cannabis crime, or having had a family member convicted of a cannabis crime, after Jan. 1, 1994, within the San Diego city limits.
  • Being a current or former resident, for at least five cumulative years between 1980 and 2016, of Barrio Logan, Linda Vista, southeastern San Diego, Encanto, Golden Hill, North Park, City Heights, the College Area or San Ysidro.

Applicants must also meet two of these four criteria:

  • Have a household income below 80 percent of the area median income, which is $106,900 for a family of four in 2022.
  • Lost housing in San Diego through eviction, foreclosure or subsidy cancellation after 1994.
  • Attended school in the San Diego Unified School District for at least five years between 1971 and 2016.
  • Placed in the foster care system at any time between 1971 and 2016.

Redistricting = More Retail Licenses Available for New Applicants

City Council discussed changes to its cannabis ordinance on week of 10/17/2022 addressing redistricting when the new district take effect after the November election. 

Districts 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8 will now have licenses available.  (Note there are seven new Cannabis Outlet applications pending: Three in District 2, one in District 4, one in District 5, one in District 6, and one in District 8.)  This will be followed up with a stakeholder meeting on 11/9/2022.

The ordinance changes also create a more streamlined process for the city to determine a CUP is not being used and revoke the license from the applicant and make that license available for application. 

Below is the list of licenses recommended for rescission

With these CUPs not being utilized that will offer opportunity for more cannabis licenses in San DIego!

Interested in San Diego Retail Cannabis Licensing?

Contact us and let’s discuss your qualifications as a social equity candidate or finding you a candidate to support your application in San Diego.

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