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Interview with Temeka Group – Top NY Cannabis Retail Design & Install Company

by Roger Tower on April 18, 2023
Interview with Temeka Group – Top NY Cannabis Retail Design & Install Company

We had the privilege of interviewing Mike Wilson of the Temeka Group, a top Cannabis Retail Design & Install company that helps build out dispensaries in legal markets nationwide. He explains tips, pitfalls, ideas, and the status of construction for new retail shops in their New York projects.

Read responses from Mike Wilson, Founder and CEO of Temeka, in this interview and learn how the company is bringing cannapreneur’s retail cannabis facility visions to life, with a new space that wows customers and brings prestige to their business.

Temeka Group puts their imaginations and expertise to work by turning their clients vision into reality and can handle every aspect of the project from concept through completion.

View the bottom of the article for a photo gallery of cannabis retail experiences created by the Temeka Group’s construction team.

About Mike Wilson, Founder and CEO of Temeka

Mike has been in the business for 31+ years working to build everything from the Lakers fan store to huge cannabis retail stores. He utilizes his strong leadership and management skills to oversee the job, from design to installation. Connect with Mike on Linkedin

Temeka Group was founded in 1991 and focuses on turn-key services, conceptual designs, precise fabrications, and premium installations.

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About Temeka Group Retail Design, Install, & Construction

Temeka Group creates world-class designs, then fabricates and installs them in spaces that will enhance your brand and connect powerfully with your customers. We put our imagination and expertise to work for your dreams and bring your unforgettable space into reality. Our team gives you comprehensive, cutting-edge services in every stage of your project and delivers unequaled results.

From Concept
To Completion

NY Cannabis Retail Design & Install Interview Q/As

What is Temeka currently working on in NY?

Temeka was awarded to be a design build company for the social equity (CAURD) program on New York. We have several projects that are being funded within the program as well as self-funded ones.

What types of projects does Temeka create?

We are supplying turnkey services to the New York market. From initial site selection and assessment to design and build out.

Any nationwide projects you’re particularly proud of recently?

We are really excited about the transition from pop up temporary stores in New York to permanent.

Super excited to start releasing the designs to show how dope the designs are going to be. We also have several projects coming online in every state. Not to mention, we just got done doing several baseball stadium store remodels for the 2023 MLB season.

Why is Temeka the preferred contractor?

With our credentials of doing more than 400 demos and adding every month, we have the IP to provide turnkey services in this space.

Have you noticed any complications with NY retail construction?

The retail spots do have their differences in compared to other areas. One is that most of the properties have basements. When you are planning a retail operation and trying to accommodate ADA requirements, these can be challenging.

NY vs NYC are you preparing for both rural and city builds? How thinking differently?

We have stores throughout the state and there are differences. In the rural areas, they are regulated by each municipality which are uniquely different. They are like the usual traditional requirement that we have experienced in other states. The City is a self-certification process, but has a lot of approvals with Historical, Boards, and others that make the process a bit more complicated.

There are also obvious differences in square footage, building up vs building out, parking, etc. that have been all over the board to date. This is caused by what inventory is in each territory. We have seen spaces range from 1,800-6,000 sq ft.

What are the general timelines for construction projects?

The approval process can be done in as fast as 3 weeks to over 6 months depending on the area. The construction period is all determined on the bones of the building. This has a range so far from 6 weeks up to 14 weeks and depends on infrastructure of the building. These items include Mechanical, ADA, electrical upgrades needed to meet current building codes.

How is cannabis retail construction different from other retail construction?

Most of it is the same. One big difference is the requirement for the OCM inspections needed to open the store.

Common pitfalls / mistakes made in construction project planning?

Due diligence periods. Really knowing the building and the requirements to make sure it meets building codes. Starting a project without having this done can cause delays and increased costs. We are blessed to have a great team with years of experience. This experience mitigates the surprises while you’re in construction.

How can a license holder save costs on construction?

Goes back to the building selection There are two factors. What is the lease cost vs. the tenant improvement. Sometimes paying a little more rent makes better sense that having a large construction cost to get it to code compliance.

What would someone with a large amount of funds be able to accomplish if they wanted to go big? Any fun ideas for someone dreaming big?

We have done some awesome flagship stores in and out of cannabis. There’s a lot of technology as well as customer experience improvements that are incredible and can really take these retail operations to the next level.

Any other thoughts for someone looking to select a construction firm for NY cannabis retail?

I think when selecting a firm, you must look at their expertise and what customers they have serviced. We are very proud of our clients and what their impacts are on the cannabis market. I think having the turnkey services we provide as well as doing retail for over 30 years make our credentials speak for themselves.

Retail Cannabis Facility Photo Gallery

View some of the top cannabis construction projects by Temeka Group. Click to see more about Temeka in cannabis industry and view more details on their cannabis retail facility construction services on their website.

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